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For attorneys only and just 10 minutes I will show you how to move your law firm up dramatically in the map pack results this is completely free there’s no catch there’s no strings there’s no credit card and there’s nothing to buy


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Nicole Pavlik

Nicole Pavlik Law Firm

I have been with working with Chris on my website SEO for almost a year. I was very skeptical on what Chris could do for me, but within 6 months I noticed a dramatic increase in the traffic to my website. Chris is definitely your guy for website SEO!

Bill Herren

Herren Law

We’re a small law firm in Houston. Chris and his team at Wonderful Websites have been helping us with internet presence now for about ten years. They’ve kept our phones ringing all of those years. You can count on Chris and his team and we recommend them without hesitation.

Raymond Bryant

Civil Rights Litigation Group

Chris and his team have done a wonderful job with my website and SEO services. I have been with them for about three years and intend to stay with them for the foreseeable future. They are highly recommended. Keep up the good work, guys!

About Me

Hi my name is Chris Moreno and I own a business called Wonderful Websites & SEO in Kennebunk, Maine and I’ve been helping attorneys and other businesses rise to the top of the map pack and the organic results for over 15 years now One thing I love doing is hopping on a zoom call with attorneys like you and showing you three or four things you can do on your own without hiring me or anyone else to dramatically improve your local search results and your map pack rankings this is a completely free call there’s nothing to buy no credit card required at all and I won’t try to sell you anything so why would I do this for free? The answer is simple I’m 62 years old and I’ve been doing this for a long time and I have more happy clients than I can count I thoroughly enjoy helping people specifically attorneys to generate more leads even if it’s on their own without any help from me or the wonderful group of people that work for me I guess you could say I’m addicted to the Feedback which you’re welcome to read on your own by taking a look at our 76 five star Google reviews.

At the same time as luck would have it there is a percentage of attorneys who after spending a few minutes with me on the phone and me sharing what I have to share insist on hiring me on a month-to-month basis what are usually do is politely decline and instead offer to do a couple months for free again with no credit card or anything just to see if it’s a good fit for both sides Because you say it’s not just lawyers with money that we are seeking to be clients and or friends of ours but it’s a certain type of attorney and there’s lots of them out there nice respectful attorneys that have a long-term vision and understand that the kind of returns on investment we’re talking about here take some time but again for all the others perhaps like yourself you get to pick my brain for 10 minutes and I love very much sharing specific things that you can do on your website which will look at together on a screen share these things can be done completely on your own without hiring us or anyone else to only thing I ask is that if you take my advice and implement my suggestions that perhaps a few months down the line you circle back to me and let me know how things are going sound fair? Looking forward to chatting let’s get that five or 10 minute zoom calls scheduled and I look forward to meeting you thank you so much Chris

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Looking forward to chatting let’s get that five or 10 minute zoom calls scheduled and I look forward to meeting you thank you so much Chris

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